Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Baby is 13!

Not sure which is harder: embracing the fact that I am a Mimi or
embracing the fact that my baby girl is a teenager!
Lily girl, who you see in so many layouts, turned 13 this past weekend. 

I wanted to decorate for her birthday celebration dinner,
but didn't have time to put a lot of effort into making decorations.
Wanting to do some sort of music theme, as Lily is a HUGE music
fanatic,  I went searching Pinterest for record ideas.
Then I sent Scott off to a music store (I knew he wouldn't
let me use any of his 200 records for decorations ;). 
 He found some real 70's & 80's classics that made us all smile!

This was the table:

The cupcake stand is made with records.  I used Dollar Store candlesticks
for the base of the stand.  Glued the records & candlesticks
together with Helmar 450. Worked like a charm!
We hung records with baker's twine from the ceiling fan at different heights.
We set out record covers as placemats. You can see ABBA, Whitney Houston,
The Babys, Flashdance in the photo.  There was also Men at Work & The Knack. 
Classics, I say! 

Scott also helped me set up a fun backdrop for her to take silly photos:

Scott hung the records using my black brads. Not for asthetics,
but because there were a couple he wanted to play on his record player. 

Lily hamming it up with Men at Work! 

We love you, Lily girl!!!!

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Cher~ said...

It looks like Lily had a really great time. You have got to plan me a birthday party one day, because yours are the most fun. Love your cupcake stand using the records and Helmar; I shared it on my Facebook Page.