About Me

Hi! I am Katie Nolan-Denham.
I live in southern Maine with my loving family. 
I have two daughters, two grandsons and two dogs.
You will see lots of my family on Scissors, Spatulas, and Sneakers.

I have a degree in Business Management.  
I owned my own business for 10 years.
Now I work as an Office Manager at a Speech & Language Center.
I love my job! I work for a small company that 
does great things every day to make a difference in people's lives. 

I have loved crafting since I was a young girl. 
My Mom taught me (and my sisters) how to cross-stitch and hand quilt
when we were in elementary school.  
I loved taking photos with my very inexpensive camera that
I got in 4th or 5th grade. Always people photos.  

About 12 years ago my girlfriend introduced me to scrapbooking.
She said and I quote "It is so YOU!"
She was right.  
Throughout the last several years I have developed a style
that is simple, yet colorful.  I add a little splash of something special
to each and every project, but nothing over the top.  It just isn't me. 
The faces of the people who surround me with love inspire
me to create every day.  Their faces, their expressions, they tell a story.
I want to share that story with you. 

During the few years I have also started cardmaking.
Nothing is better than the look of happiness on someone's face when you 
give them a card made just for them.  I love that!  
You will see that my card making style doesn't vary too much 
from my scrapping style.  I am a consistent artist. 

I am constantly learning new things, taking new classes. 
I evolve as the information I learn interests me.  

My other hobbies include cooking and running, as the title 
of my blog obviously tells you.  I also enjoy reading, entertaining,
decorating, and amateur photography.  

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