Monday, June 21, 2010

It Was A Sewing Sunday

I have this table for my Cricut:
It was ugly and you can see that all the cardboard
pieces down below were visible (I am saving them for a project
...really!). I am not a real sewer, I just pretend to be one at 
my house. I can sew a straight line and that is about it.
For some reason today  I decided it was time 
to sew a cover for the above ugly table. 
 Here is my new table cover:
It is not perfect, but it works. 
But wait!  Have you ever read "If You Give a 
Mouse a Cookie?"  I  wound up like the mouse.
After the table cover was done, I decided that my Cricut
needed a pretty cover, too.
 (I am not a sewer, I told you that, right?)
I found a two tutorials on Custom Crops for making 
Cricut Dust Covers.  I used a little of one tutorial and a 
little of another tutorial. Then I decided that my Cricut 
dust cover needed some flowers, too.
....from another angle:
...and the flowers:

Can I call myself a sewer now?  

P.S. Sassy Lil' Sketches has a new sketch up today!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Job well done. Very cute.

LisaM said...

I think ou can call yourself a sewer, Katie! It turned out awesome! Love the dustcover too!

Jackie said...

Yep, call yourself a sewer. It's so cute. I don't get along with the sewing machine :(

Kristie said...

Great job, Katie!! I absolutely love your dustcover and think I need to send the tutorial to my mom LOL, I want one!

Sandy H said...

They both came out great!!! You sew soooo much straighter than I do :) Love the cricut cover ~ quite adorable

becca said...

wow, these are adorable!! so cute!!! i think you can claim to be a seamstress now!

Amanda Jones said...

OK, so now I'm eyeballing everything in my house wondering what I can sew covers for! They're both fab.

I too am no sewer, but pretend to be - I sewed my own curtains which look great, providing you dont look at the backs ;)

meluv2scrap said...

Super cute Katie!

*Nikki* said...

i have got to make me one of those!