Monday, April 12, 2010

Croppin' Faves

It was great to get away with my sister to the crop at Purity Springs.  I had so much fun with the girls, ate way too much food, and had a ton of cropping time.  I got 23 pages done this weekend. When my sister & I walked around snooping at the pages of many of the other 100 scrappers, I realized that I don't scrap like any of the other ladies at this particular crop.  That is so hard for me to believe since I know that my style isn't different than what I see in the online scrappy world.  Anyway, here are a few of my faves from this weekend....

I am posting the "Pretty Little CowGirl" layout for my friend, Cheryl, who reminded me that we had these crazy pony pictures from when our teenage daughters were in preschool. She did an amazing layout of her daughter, Sage, on the pony.

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Cher~ said...

Way to go girl!! I hope I can get half of that many done on my next crop retreat!!! These are awesome. I love the color combo with Lily's Be Yourself. I think that is a great way to scrap a memory with the cake without having to have portraits of the 'birthday girl'. And I love the way your Little Cowgirl came out; I'm sure Kass! LOL