Sunday, July 12, 2009

No sign of slowing down....

We had such a busy outdoor weekend.  Today we spent the day at Wells Beach for a Denham family gathering.  Couldn't have asked for a lovelier day.  
Lily & her friend, Summer, had a blast boogie boarding & body surfing 
in the cold, cold Maine ocean.  I even braved it with them so I could get some 
good photos of the girls in the water.  
Lily & Summer body surfing (photo above)
Lily with her boogie board (photo below)
Yesterday Lily & I ran the Nasson "Run for the Gym" 5k.  This was Lil's first 5k. She did it in 30:42.  I am so proud of my little runner!  For me, it was my personal best for a 5k race, 26:55.  While I don't look to beat a previous time when I run a race, I do take pride in the fact that this was my personal best yet. 
Lily & I after the 5K:
With no sign of life slowing down before we leave on vacation this weekend, I am hoping you enjoy my picture updates instead of scrapping ones.  


KariAnnS said...

Congrats on the great run!

Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

Gorgeous ocean photos and congrats on your personal best time!

La- said...

WOW! Great run and how cool to do it together!!

Great beach shots too!!