Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Must Love Books"

I forced myself to slow down the last few days to read a book recommended by two of my scrappy friends, Erin & Carla.  Dark Lover is the first in a vampire series by J.R. Ward.  I was a little put off at first since I found it in the Romance section of the book store.  Not normally a romance kinda gal, I bought it anyway.  SO glad I bought it.  I inhaled that book in three days!  Pretty sure I fell asleep with it on my chest Monday night.  

While I was at the book store, I found myself wanting my notebook that is filled with books I want to read. I added a couple of books to a post it note and added them to the notebook when I got home. Today I decided to decorate the notebook that has my eclectic list of books. I am going to throw it in my purse, at Carla's recommendation.  
Here is my "must read" notebook:
The quote reads "She is too fond of books & it has turned her brain." ~Louisa May Alcott


Carla said...

You are so cute! And that is adorable....but in my purse...UM as much digging as I do, that nice decorations that you did on it would never last......for me anyways.

Cheryl~ said...

Can you just copy one for me; book list included? LOL ;-) Seriously, that is too cute I love the quote on the front!

Diana Fisher said...

I love how this book looks! So cute!!

Maureen said...

Katie this is GORGEOUS! I love it! I sooooo love your style!!!!! And I have been looking for another Vampire book to fall in love with!!!! I will DEFINITELY give that one a try! I'm soooo excited! Did you like the True Blood series as much? I read those...although I liked them...I don't feel like I HAVE to read more!