Saturday, July 4, 2009

Creative Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! We have spent the last two nights hosting barbeques, so we decided to have a low key day at home. Lily and I scrapped a bit together. In all my reorganizing of my scrap area I decided to throw my chalks away. Why? I really don't have a clue & found myself digging them out of my scrapping scraps this afternoon to help enhance the card below.Here is another project from today:Kass hasn't been in many of my photos over the last year due to her hectic "teen" lifestyle. She asked me to take some pics of her that really represent who she is & not just how I see her (I know you Moms of teens understand that statement). I got a couple of photos in yesterday before the rain came (again!).


Cherie Averill said...

Oh wow! That card is too cute! I love that you dug the chalks out of the scraps! Love the top ten too! Kass is so beautiful! Those photos of her are gorgeous!

Cheryl~ said...

1) Love the card and I agree with Cheri, I love that you had to dig in the scraps for your discarded chalk!
2) Lily looks so chic in those glasses.
3) Kass looks just like you. I know, they hate to hear it, but Sage hears it all the time too!

Maureen said...

oooh, gorgeous LO!