Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Take Note!

Today is my day to share Scrappin' Sports & More goodness. I whipped up these two notebooks from scratch.  Honestly, it took less time to make them than it would have to drive to buy them.  They are the perfect size just to throw into a purse or bag without taking up too much room. 

How to make a notebook :
1) Cut 2 pieces (3x4.5") of Tim Holtz Grungeboard for notebook cover
2) Round the bottom corners of the grungeboard covers.
3) Cut printer paper into 2.75 x 4.25" pieces for notebook pages.
(I used 5 sheets to make 30 pages for my notebooks)
4) Decorate your notebook. 
5) Bind your notebook.  I used my Bind-it-All.

The "Life Is Beautiful" notebook has already made it into my purse.  I designed the cover around the fun Scrappin' Sports & More papers from their "Title Sports" line.  I just love how the blue Prom paper (#1378) and green Cross Country paper (#1370) pop on the black Hockey paper (#1375) background.

Other supplies include an Itty Bitty Unity Stamp, black Momento Ink, and a glitter pen by Sakura.

The "Memory" notebook is a gift for a co-worker who just had a baby boy.  It will accompany a "Memory Jar" for her to save all her little slips of memories of her newborn son as he grows up.  
I actually designed the cover after I bound the notebook because I wanted the grey of the grungepaper to show.  The neutral of the grey really allows the blue Gymnastics (#1374) paper and green Cross Country (#1370) paper of Scrappin' Sports & More "Title Sports" line to stand out.

The upside down banner was simply made by layering six circles on top of each other and then cuting them in half.  I distressed the edges a bit in order to have it appear uniform.  

I bet you could use one of these in your purse!  

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Mo said...

Hello Katie! Thanks for visiting! I love this tutorial! You mind if I post it to SNR front page to share? We've been on the lookout for fun tutorials! Let me know!