Monday, July 27, 2009

Eye Like Your Style!

Maureen at Stamping With Mo gave me my first blog award!  I am so excited not only to get it, but that it is from Maureen because I am a fan of her blog, too!  

This award is called the "Eye Like Your Style" from Janis at Pause, Dream, Enjoy.  This beautiful award was created by her daughter.  

The rules are easy....
1) by accepting this award you recognize that the giver "likes your style."
2)you agree to proudly display this award on your blog and post a link back to the giver.
3)you will share this award with those whose styles you like...because there are so many wonderful blogs out there!

Here are a just a few of the blogs (in no particular order) in which I love their styles & give me inspiration:
3) Carla at Real Life with Carla. So happy to see her pages again!
4) Cheryl at Cheryl's Window
6) Maureen at Stamping With Mo


Pinky said...

Awww Thanks chicky, your blog is so cute!

Maureen said...

How sweet Katie. I'm flattered! I will have to check these out!

TanishaRenee said...

Oh my gosh, how sweet of you to give this award to me! Thank you so much!