Saturday, September 4, 2010

Got a new lens!

I bought a new 50mm lens this week & I have to be honest I wasn't sure I absolutely needed it so I didn't invest a whole lot of money.  After taking some photos of my favorite children yesterday, I know that I do need it and will invest in a higher end lens.  What a difference it makes in portrait photography!

The photos I always love the best are of children laughing.

The background for the next 3 photos is actually a refrigerator at our local fair grounds.  Great color, not sure I would want it in my kitchen!

 The next set of photos were taken with my 18-105mm, not my 50 mm.

While I love this photo of Lily in the tube, I can definitely see the difference using my new 50 mm would have made.

It was a hot day here in Maine yesterday so I was happy to let all the kiddos jump in the lake with all their clothes on.  They had a blast! Scott recommended that I take the paddle boat onto the lake the next time to get pics of the children's faces when they jump off the dock.  Life vest here I come!


Jackie said...

Those are fabulous! What kind of lens did you get? I dropped mine this week :( think I need a new one.

Denise said...

The pictures look awesome. I couldn't believe the difference when my husband bought me a lens that took close-ups too. Have fun playing w/ it.

KathieB said...

I love all the pictures you took with the new lens. I always thought all your pictures were great, but, now I can see the difference in the details! xox

Kristina H said...

Great pictures! I love laughing kid pictures too, they seem so happy and carefree...oh to be young again!

Have fun with that new lens!