Monday, April 5, 2010

Q2-Curvy Life Fitness Challenge

My friend, La, is hosting another 100 mile fitness challenge 
for the next twelve weeks starting today!  
I did it last time and only did 60 miles (due to surgery),
but it was 60 miles that I might not have done without
the accountability of the first challenge.
This time around I am going for 200 miles!!!!!
I have two races planned during this 12 weeks, too.

You want to join?  I bet you do!  
Details can be found here:  Q2 Details
Then sign up here: Q2 Sign Up

See you on the run! 


Dayna said...

Thanks for sharing Katie!!! I think this so neat, so I signed up!! Good luck with your 200 miles!!

La- said...

YAY KAtie!! I am so excited! I have two races too! my very first... a 10K and a 4mi race for Aides Awareness fund raising.

I am excited to see how we all do this time around!!