Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday ramblings....

This week was right out of "Crazy, Busy, Mom's Weekly!"  

Sunday~ Lily lost her glasses in the ocean.  There is really a whole story behind this that would send any loving, attentive Mom over the edge.  I will be kind and not babble on about the anxiety causing details.

The brighter side of Sunday is that on Monday ~ Lily got a new pair of cute glasses & I got to spend some 1 on 1 time with her picking them out and having lunch at Panera.  Lil had British Soccer Camp that night while I went to a Hip Hop class.  

Tuesday ~ a little less eventful than shopping, soccer camp, and I dragged myself to a booty kicking Boot Camp class. 

Wednesday ~ worked my "other" job, more soccer camp for Lily, Hot Mamas Finale at my house with 22 Hotties.  Our "hottest mama" one a pot o' cash of $795!!!!  Pretty great for losing weight, isn't it?  

Thursday ~ Kass cut ALL her hair off. Think a cross between "16 Candles" Molly Ringwald & Desperately Seeking Susan "Madonna". See "Friday" for why there isn't a pic of it yet. More soccer camp, Scott's family over for dinner, and a 4 mile run with Lisa (much needed stress relief).

Friday ~  Scott's band, "The Townies," played the Paradise Rock Club in Boston!  We took off early for the city so we could chill and enjoy dinner out with everyone before the much anticipated show.  I got lots of great photos!!!  THE BOYS ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!!
 BUT (and it is a big one) my camera is now missing with all the photos on it.  Where? How?  I have no clue. It is just gone.  I am more sad that the photos are gone than about the camera.
Now I just have to chose between a Nikon D60 and a D90.  

Saturday ~ We got home in time to pack up and head out to a summer BBQ at my sister's.  It was so great to go visit them and enjoy the day.  

Today ~ we are chillin'!  Well, kinda...Scott dragged me out for a 4 mile run & then to Dairy Queen for a treat.

I'll leave you with my only creation of the week. 
A thank you card for Hope:


Cher~ said...

OMG. I can't believe you lost your camera. I really want to see Kass' hair and Scott 'Rockin Out'. You need to get the Indie Art Solutions Cartridge. It has great 'rockin art'. You can get them for a decent price at Walmart; sometimes better there than on sale at M or J's. You could use that for Scott as well as the girls. It is the one I used for Joly's Father's day card.

La- said...

I cannot believe your camera is gone! But dang woman! YOu ARE always on the run eh?? Sounds like a crazy week!