Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Camera, New Sneak Peak, New Life!

That is my new camera right there!  Nikon D90.  Isn't it purty??? I can't even tell you how excited we (Scott, too) are to have this fabulous camera.  User friendly, fabulous photos (Scott loves the macro), and video ability are just some of the pluses.  I could have done without the price tag....OUCH!  Thinking she (yes, she) needs a name. Any ideas? 

The above photo is my newest sneak peak. It is for ScrapFIT's second workout challenge. This is a fun filled challenge!  Be sure to check out the new challenge and DT examples on the 15th.
This crew of cuties were my preschoolers this past year. They are all going to kindergarten in a couple of weeks. Two of them I cared for since birth and the other three have been in my life for one to three years.  Along with them, I have cared for many children over the last 8 years.  I will be saying good-bye to that wonderful career tomorrow. I consider myself lucky to have had such amazing children in my life for so long. As I move forward to a new career as a Business Consultant (fancy name for business grunt work) for the Center for Communication, I will carry a bit of all the children with me.  


Pinky said...

AWWW what a sweet picture!!!

Maureen said...

aw, you must be sad about that :( they are so very too cute! good luck on your new career! i sooooo want a REAL camera....but i have to save moohlah! how bout "Nikki" (Nikon)....or "Niko (nee koh)"...I'm not very imaginitive! have fun with her!

Maureen said...

fyi, i'm going down your book list and reading those bad boys...i'm currently on dead as a doornail! i've got Dark Lover in my Borders cart (waiting for fundage to buy it along with the rest of the Sookie Stackhouse books) plus I saw more books on Kari's blog) ugh! I'm addicted!

Cher~ said...

I was thinking about Nikki too. Then you can have Prince's song "Darling Nikki" in your head everytime you take pictures, which may...or may not... be such a good idea. The photos of the camera are awesome. Now, here is my big question. Did you download that or what the heck did you use to take pictures of your camera? I so want a macro lens.