Tuesday, November 8, 2011

She is my crowning glory

My girl, Lily, loves "Wicked."
She knows every song from the broadway play.
She will belt them out.  Show tunes.  
Who would of thought?
So it wasn't surprising when she wanted
to be Glinda, the good witch, for Halloween. 

Finding a crown and wand that were fitting
for our Glinda was a task.  
When they can't be bought,
they must be made!  

Here are the details:

The gown I wore to my Senior Prom in 1988.

The crown was made using leftover screen. 
It was easily cut and shaped.  Very sturdy, too.
Masking tape was used to trim it so there were
no sharp edges to harm our Glinda. 
I sprayed lots of silver glitter Krylon on the crown
 to make it shimmer (and hide the tape). 
3-D snowflake stickers were added to the tips of the crown.

The wand was made from a large wooden star shape
supplied by my friend, Kelly, of Babiole de Windsor,
and very large dowel. Then lots more silver glitter
 Krylon to make it sparkle. 

Doesn't Lily make a splendid Glinda?  
Then again, she could be a Ninja....

This was her costume on Saturday night because I didn't have Glinda done yet.
She is a girl of many personalities. 


Nicole said...

Gorgeous costume for a gorgeous girl!

Susan Garman said...

It's so important for a girl to be flexible in this day and age. While I don't know your daughter, I'm suspecting she's got a little "leather and lace" to her personality. (I've got one of those - karate, barrel racing and ballet). I love the Glinda outfit, you are so creative.

Kelly said...

Lily look so fab! I know Grampy is giving the thumbs up on the wand...

Cher~ said...

Lily cracks me up. Amazing job on the dress-over.