Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seacoast Half

I am of the theory that I ran a marathon this fall.
2 half marathons = a marathon.  Right?  
The Seacoast Half Marathon in Portsmouth, NH
has to be the most beautiful races I have run yet.
The coastal views and historic houses kept 
me trudging along after my calf locked up to 
the point of pain at mile 2.  While this was (again)
not my personal best, it was an accomplishment 
that I am proud of.  Besides the pain during the run
I was sick for three weeks during training, so no
 running then.  I ran 11 miles on my own just
enjoying the views.  I am so happy I didn't turn
around at mile 2!  

These are my "running girls."  Becky, Steph1, Elise, Steph2,
and Lisa inspire me everytime I put on my sneakers. 
They push me when I am ready to give up.
Three of them were waiting for me on the last hill of the 
race and ran it with me.  They are my encouragement!
This was the first race that we have all been able to do together.

The token male in the picture is a dear friend of mine, Aaron
He ran the race bandit & had an awesome time! 


Susan Garman said...

Such an accomplishment. WTG!!!!!

Cath said...

Good for you! I love Portsmouth! It's one of our favies! :)