Friday, December 10, 2010

Signs of Christmas

Do you have tell-tale signs that it is the holiday season in your house? I am not talking about
Christmas decorations or all the snow piled up to your windows. I am talking about bad
pictures from your children's holiday concerts or the smell of cupcakes baking in
your house by 5:30 AM?  

The holiday season always brings about wonderful changes in our household. As fast as
they come in, they go out.  I was thinking this as I was prepping food for a holiday
 party at my house today. 

This is my kitchen at 5:25 A.M this morning. The proof is in the pudding cupcakes...
ohhhh NO, the proof is on  my stove clock.

Take note of the time on the clock!  
Can you eye spy?
~ the coffee (2nd cup)
~the decadent (already made) chocolate cupcakes
~the already heating water for the lasagna noodles
~the waiting pan to saute up some goodness for the lasanga.
You want to know what I am cooking?

You can find the Decadent Chocolate Cupcake recipe
at Kevin & Amanda's blog.
These cupcakes are as good as they look.  I have
already had one with my 2nd cup of coffee. :)

You can find the "Best Lasagna. Ever." recipe at Ree's
blog, The Pioneer Woman. 
It really is the Best Lasagna. EVER!

These are both worth the early wake up call.

I leave you with a bad picture from Lily's Holiday Concert
last night.  She had a solo part & we are so stinkin' proud of her!

I hope you are all enjoying your signs of Christmas!

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