Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Tasty Treat....

Once upon a time, I happened upon a wonderful blog that 
I find myself keep going back to.  Christy keeps Southern Plate
filled with amazing southern recipes and humor.  
What is cooking without humor?  

I have made her Chicken Noodle Soup recipe at least 3 times 
since I found her blog a couple of months ago.  
My family can not get enough of this soup!

Her Buttermilk Pancake recipe makes fabulous
 blueberry pancakes and waffles! 

AND her Peanut Butter Cookie recipe is to die for! 
 I made these last Friday when I was in a mood.  
My choice was either to freak out on someone or bake. 
 I chose to make those Peanut Butter Cookies.  
Words can not convey how delish these cookies are 
(or how many I have eaten).  
Don't believe me? Take a gander....

It really is no surprise that I need to run to burn off all these scrumptious calories!!!


TeenaBugg38 said...

Ohhhh thanks for the link to her blog!! I LOVE to cook and southern food si just the best!! I could stand to burn off a few (million) calories myself but then I think....nahhhhhhh.....lol

Mo said...

yummmmm! those look sooo gooooooddddd!!!!

Sandy H said...

yummmyy! will you make me some? :)