Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rainy Saturday Sweetness

A sweet peek into tomorrow's new ScrapFIT workout:

Sweet Saturday Blog Hopping:
My FL Cheryl popped me an email last night about this
fun "Make It Merry Party."  60 blogs
filled with wonderful Holiday eye candy.

Last Saturday's Sweet Finds:

My sister and I went to flea markets and
church fairs last Saturday.  Along the way,
I picked up the above goodies for less than
$8 total.  I had something in mind for the
canisters & candle holders (see below).
I also found an antique rod iron bed for
Lily for a mere $20.  It was so worth making
the three girls squish in the back seat so the
bed would fit in the Durango.  I'll post
the before/after of the  bed on a later date.

Not sure what I am going to put in these
beauties, but I sure do like how they
turned out!

I hope you have a sweet Saturday!


La- said...

Awesome finds!!! I would be squishing everyone for a bed frame too!! :)


Cher~ said...

I'll just say "Sweeeeet"!

I can't wait to see what you do with Lily's bed. And those jars are great on the pedestals. Make them seasonal displays; peppermints for the holidays, glass beads for New Year, candy sentiments for Valentines, etc. etc. Also looking forward to your post for Scrapfit. I am saw the challenge earlier and think it may be fun!

Cher~ said...

PS. I want the hanging candleholder! LOL
just teasing. It is gorgeous though.