Thursday, November 5, 2009

1/2 Marathon Map

This Sunday is the day. 
13.1 miles of Maine Coast,
 800 other women running,
and completing a goal that I never
would have guessed I would set for myself.
 Should I go all Donna Downey on you
and get a 13.1 tattoo? 
Nah, but I sure did think about it! 
This is the race course:


La- said...

OOOOH I am surprised it is already here!! YAY!! I cannot wait to hear about your STUNNING SUCCESS ... just running it you are already a rok star!!! WHOOO HOO!!

Cher~ said...

You GO Girl!! I'm SO proud of you. I'll be thinking of you all day!

La- said...

Sooo I am waiting to hear all the details!! I wanna know! and YES I ran all that way thinking of you!!