Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tell Me On a Sunday

Really, I am telling you on a Sunday....about my life over the last week.  It really does seem like October is the most event filled month every year.
This year is no exception!

Kass had homecoming last Saturday.  She looked gorgeous!  I totally love her sassy style.  I gave up my sorority reunion to go help her get ready & it was so worth it.  Who could deny this beautiful girl?

Lily kicked some serious booty in soccer at the Columbus Tournament. She got 5 goals and even got one in with her head.  Unbelievable! She is the little one in red below...

Kass turned 17 on Friday.  I would love to share cake photos with you,
but we are having it later tonight.
Being the busy teen she is,
she had a movie date with friends for her birthday.

Today we started decorating for our
Annual Halloween Bash.
 Here is a little something, something I made today with my Cricut:

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Mo said...

kass is a gorgeous girl!!! love that color on her! congrats to lily! and love what you did with your cricut!!! would you decorate my house katie???????