Monday, January 21, 2013

For A Wedding...

One of my lovely co-workers is getting married next month via a destination wedding. 
We are surprising her today with a shower during staff meeting.  

This is the card I made for her (& him): 

Lots of layering, misting and ZapDots to make this colorful shower card. 


I also make a Coconut Cloud Cake for the occassion. 
It was a new recipe.  The cake is very angel food like. 

You can find the cake recipe here
I actually made a different frosting since the original frosting needed to be served immediately.
My frosting is a thinned out version of a traditional buttercream, 
as not to weigh down the light cake. 
Hope it is as delicious as it looks! 


The last thing I created for this celebration was a beach themed wedding jar. 

A photo of the lovely couple will go into the frame.
I also encouraged her to bring home some shells from her trip.
Wishing Susanne & Craig a most wonderful wedding
and a happy, content marriage!


Babiole de Windsor said...

Cake looks beautiful (& yummy)...can't wait to see the finished wedding jar...lovely start

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What wonderful gifts for her! I Love love love love that card!!! LOVING the music paper and the stitched banner!!

Amy Lynne said...

You are crazy multitalented! A lovely and unique card, the gorgeous beach themed candle, AND a yummy cake? I wanna hang out with you!! :D fantastic work!!

Vicki said...

These projects are beautiful, Katie and the cakes looks delish!