Sunday, July 8, 2012

She Sprouted Wings

Yesterday I was inspired to finish a canvas I started almost a year ago.
I had the base pink, white and grey done.  It has sat in my craft room where
I could see it and hopefully find the inspiration to finish it, but alas it sat untouched.

Most of you who follow me know that my style is clean and colorful.  You will
occasionally see some mixed-media elements in my work, but generally in a very 
linear way.  What I love about creating multi-media canvases is that I gravitate
towards stepping outside of the clean lines I work with on almost every project.
I get messy. I spill things.  I make mistakes.  I embrace my inner multi-media artist. 

What inspired me to finish this canvas?
A lovely package from Faber-Castell filled with PITT Pencils and Pens
and one random Blueberry Gelato.  I used the Gelato to color my girl's wings. 
It was the perfect compliment to the blues that I had already added with paint. 
 I used a PITT Artist Pen (big brush, Pale Geranium Lake) to paint my 
butterfly stamp (Tim Hotlz).  I love the addition of this red! 

The statement was done freehand with the cobalt turquoise PITT Artist Pen.
The color was so bright and wonderful, but I wanted to tone it down just a tad.  
Once the pen dried a bit, I just smudged the writing to make it look a little aged
and then outlined the words in a black fine tipped marker.  

I used lots of Helmar Decoupage & Craft Paste to adhere my girl and
to seal my whole canvas once it was finished.
I love this product!  No bubbles in my paper.  I even stamped on top
of the dried Decoupage when I realized I needed more butterflies.
Those stamped butterfly images are just as sharp as the images stamped 
before I decoupaged.

My girl is filled with fun color staying true to my style.
I am loving red and pink together these days.  
What colors are you loving to use in your projects right now?


Nicole said...

This is absolutley GORGEOUS!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!

Jackie said...

I love it! It's wonderful. The added pearls are perfect! You should do more of this, don't wait a year!

Heidi said...

This is very cool..........

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

lovely, love the colors.

wendipooh13 said...

ohhhh sooo love your canvas!!! that is gorgeous!!!! totally stunning