Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1/2 Way There

Tricia posted this on Pinterest this morning & it spoke to me.
The running part of my blog title really is part of my life.
I am a runner. Not a skinny runner. Not a fast runner.
Just a runner that crosses that finish line every race she starts.

Running is the first thing I give up when life gets busy.
I have yet to figure out why since running is my best form
of stress relief next to baking.  Can you see where this is going?
My weight is up, my exercise time is down.

Thank goodness for the 6 women who help me hold
myself accountable to running dates and are patient
with me when I fall a little off track (which has been 
a lot this year).  They are the best running partners ever! 

Last week I ran the Maine 1/2 marathon in the pouring rain.
I commited to running this race with only 5 weeks training time.
Crazy, I know!

That is me after I crossed the finish line.
Wet, cold and with very chaffed arms I 
finished this race with my worst time ever, 
BUT I crossed that line running.   

Will I do it again?  Of course!
Next race is the Seacoast 1/2 Marathon on Nov. 15th. 
Maybe I am a little bit crazy.  


Laurel said...

Good for you! I just did my first half marathon on Sunday!

VanessaB said...

way to go!!! i'm about to do my first 5k. hee hee. i don't love running- i'm trying to like it. it's been off and on.... i would have wussed out if i had to run in the rain: you're awesome! :)

Susan Garman said...

Hi Katie. Good for you. I am so impressed.

Vicki said...

way to go, Katie!! Keep runnin'!!

Cher~ said...

You go girl!