Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Simply Embellished Frames

We refinished a room for Lily this past spring.
She has her own little haven down in the basement.
Part of her room decor has always been altered frames
with pictures of her friends. As we were decorating the walls 
in her new space, I noticed that she needed some updated 
photos of her friends.  Off to The Christmas Tree Shop I went!
I found perfect white frames for only $1.40 each.  Yay!

"We Make a Perfect Pair"

Each frame is simply embellished as not to take away from the photos.
The colors are soft & feminine to match the decor of Lily's room.


Lily has requested several more of these frames.
Guess I didn't do too bad. :)


VanessaB said...

omg- they are so are darling! so fun!

Cher~ said...

You didn't do bad at all. Love the little touches and the colors are wonderful and girly, but not overstated.

Vicki said...

Katie, these altered frames are adorable! Lily sounds like our youngest daughter! She could never have enough photo frames around. Now, they are all around her own home.