Sunday, June 28, 2009

Strawberry Sunday & Craft Room Finds

The girls & I met Kelly to go strawberry picking today in spite of the rain.  It was the first time the girls wanted to come with me on our self-pronounced Annual Strawberry Sunday.  I love how Lily had to look each strawberry over before it was put into her little bucket.  It was nice to see Kass showing Lil where the "best" ones were.  I am secretly hoping that they will want to join us again next year.
After strawberries and brunch, Kel & I stole off to some antique shops.  I am always good for looking (sometimes a little drooling) but never really buying when we go antiquing.  I have been putting together a mental list of things I want for my new craft room when the day care closes in August & amazingly enough I found some perfect pieces today....a wing back chair with a cool print, an old library card catalog, and huge etched glass table lamp.   Once I clean them up, I'll have to share my finds.  

It has been a perfect rainy day!


Cheryl~ said...

You need to make some strawberry jam now! Oh, I'm so jealous that you found an old library card catalog. I've been looking for years and have not found any around here. I can't wait to see what you do with your room.

Pinky said...

OH yummy! I need to go pick some, I definitely have not acclimated to the southern fruit schedule LOL